Summer Cassia soaked in water to clear the bowels

Summer Cassia soaked in water to clear the bowels

In summer, hot and humid climates can easily cause gastrointestinal disorders. If you do not pay attention to conditioning, you will have different degrees of fire, sore tongue, and sore throat. How can you avoid these problems in the hot summer?

Try the following homemade herbal teas.


Go to fire.

Available honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, astragalus three Chinese herbal medicines boil soup.

When making, first soak these three Chinese medicinal materials for a few minutes, then rinse them out, then put them into the pot, inject water, and boil with gentle heat, boil for about 30 minutes.Adding honey or rock sugar into the juice can introduce the effect of clearing heat and removing fire.


Remove damp heat.

The summer climate is sweltering, and the body is prone to hot and humid symptoms.

In view of this situation, you can use porridge and jujube to make porridge to drink.

Miren has the effect of clearing dampness and heat and anti-virus, while jujube has the effect of nourishing the spleen and stomach.


Clear liver and eyesight.

In the hot summer, if the heat in the body does not dissipate in time, it is easy to have symptoms such as head pain, irritability, irritation, red eyes or itching, and poor sleep.

During the process, you can soak chrysanthemums, gouqi, prunella and mulberry leaves and boil them in water to relieve dryness and reduce liver fire.



In the high temperature season, the body sweats quickly, and the water loss is faster, which is prone to dry stool and constipation.

At this time, drinking Cassia seeds in water can integrate good eyesight, laxative and bowel-clearing effects.

Before soaking the cassia seeds, it is best to fry them slightly yellow.

Cassia seeds will become relatively crispy after being fried, which will help dissolve the active ingredients and prevent diarrhea.


Preventing hot colds.

It is prone to heat stroke and cold in summer.

The appropriate mulberry leaves, bamboo leaves, and mint can be crushed, and boiled with chrysanthemum or boiled with boiling water to drink. It can prevent and treat the symptoms of throat pain, wind fever and cold.

At the same time, it also has the functions of clearing wind and clearing the table, and clearing away heat and fluid.

  It should be reminded that when making herbal tea, all Chinese medicinal materials can be taken at 10 grams each time, and the amount should not be too much at one time. Drinking 2-3 times a day is enough.

Drinking herbal tea also depends on your physical fitness. People with poor constitution and cold constitution should drink less, otherwise it may cause kidney deficiency or diarrhea.

The body heat type should first distinguish the cause of the fire.

Not suitable for elderly, infants, mothers or menstrual women.