[Small onion dumpling fillings]_ dumpling filling _ how to make _ how to make

[Small onion dumpling fillings]_ dumpling filling _ how to make _ how to make

Many people especially like to eat dumplings, especially in Northeast and Northeast China. Dumplings are very famous. When the New Year, almost every household will eat dumplings. Dumplings mean reunion. When making dumplings, we generallyCan make dumplings with vegetable fillings or meat-filled dumplings. No matter what school’s dumplings, a lot of green onions are added to taste, so what is the practice of small green onion dumplings?

Under certain conditions, egg-based and vegetable-based vegetable fillings supplement health, with fats derived from vegetable oils and a greater proportion of vegetables.

Due to the phosphorus-containing trace elements in eggs, typical fillings are supplemented with calcium, potassium and magnesium leafy vegetables, as well as raw materials such as shrimp skin and seaweed to promote acid-base balance.

Pure starch materials such as vermicelli have low nutritional value and serve as the main raw material for fillings.

Bacteria and algae make better fillings for meat fillings and vegetables with the appropriate fiber and minerals, and at the same time add some foods that replace soluble fibers, such as mushrooms, fungus, white fungus and various mushrooms,Kelp, Wakame and other algae.

They can improve the taste, help reduce the absorption of high blood pressure and diabetes, and control the rise in blood lipids after eating meat fillings.

Bamboo shoots, dried vegetables, etc. also have an adsorption activity.

Various soy products and fish can also be stuffed, replacing part of the meat, which is conducive to reducing trace content.

Eat dumplings with a variety of refreshing cold vegetables.

Put less fat and more vegetables. “Acid” meat and eggs and refined white flour are properly balanced with “alkaline” vegetable ingredients. It is best to have one meat and three unsqueezed vegetable ingredients.

Moreover, the meat used for fillings is nine-point lean meat. Do not add animal oil and vegetable oil, increase the amount of vegetables, reduce the absorption of saturated feed and transformation, and achieve a true nutritional balance.

Several delicious home-made dumplings, shrimp dumpling stuffing ingredients: 500 grams of shrimp, 150 grams of grass carp meat, sometimes salt, ginger.

Practice: 1.

The grass carp meat is squeezed out, peeled, and ginger is added to make fish gelatine.

If you have a blender at home, you can put it in the blender and stir it. It is better to add ice cubes at the same time, so that the fish is tender and chewy.


Shrimp go to the thread, press directly with the knife surface, as soon as it is rolled, the shrimp paste comes out, add an appropriate amount of ginger.

Add shrimp and fish gelatin to the pot at a ratio of 31: 1, add a teaspoon of salt, and stir well.


After the shrimp dumplings are wrapped, they can be picked up after a minute of boiling the water. Sprinkle the chopped parsley or seasonal vegetables in the bowl.