Are you lying on the bed?

Are you lying on the bed?

If you wake up, you will immediately get up sharply, and part of the time from transition from a very calm state to an active state, sometimes there will be problems, such as dizziness caused by changes in blood pressure, pain associated with lumbar and leg pain, and cervical or lumbar osteogenesisWait.

  Therefore, leaning on the bed first and doing a little exercise on the bed can not only avoid these possible problems, but also increase the opportunity for fitness.

  Lai bed first style: When you get up hard in the morning, you can stretch your lazy waist first to make your body gradually transition from the state of inhibition to the state of excitement.

But it is not enough. It is recommended that you take the initiative to strengthen the health effects of stretching and develop a new habit of stretching.

  Specific method: After stretching naturally, cross your hands with five fingers, insert your palms up to the top of your head, alternately straighten your toes with your hooks, and try to break through your limbs, gradually exerting force, and take turns to turn left and right for about 10?
20 seconds.

Doing this kind of improvement, adding a little tricks, expanding the body, and expanding the thorax, then the muscle contraction and breathing movements of the whole body will be further strengthened, and it will also be beneficial to accelerating wakefulness.

  Lai bed second style: left and right big twist next step, before getting up, do Lai bed second style-left and right big twist.

Large left and right twists can strengthen the traction of the lower back muscles and the neck muscles, change the muscle strength of various parts to restore balance, and have positive significance for preventing or relieving back and leg pain, and neck and back pain.

  Specific method: After the action of strengthening lazy waist stretching, take the left and right supine positions, straighten the right lower limb, bend the right lower limb across the left leg, and gradually close the edge of the bed above the left leg, and open it horizontally.On the right try to reverse 10 rhythmically?
At the same time, try to close the right knee to the top of the bed at the same time, and stand still for 10 seconds on the maximum twist.

Then, change the direction to the right lying position and repeat this action.

  Lai bed third style: the body rolls this movement, the main role is to promote the balance of muscle strength and relieve fatigue.

  Specific method: After the above action, put your body in a supine position, bend down as much as possible, bury your head, hold your knees or head with your hands, stand still for 10 seconds, and then slowly roll up and down 10?
20 times.

After that, stretch out again before getting up.

  Reminder: The above three sports should be arranged as appropriate according to their own circumstances, and they should be done in a modest and unreasonable manner.