[Is it okay to take a bath without taking a shower]_Sexual life_Same room

[Is it okay to take a bath without taking a shower]_Sexual life_Same room

Papa is also the sexual life that we call everyday.

Sex is the spice of men’s and women’s lives. When the love is strong, you may not be able to control yourself.

Especially when men and women in love are alone in a room, they will inevitably be unable to control themselves to kiss each other.

Regardless of whether you have cleaned your body or if you have a strange smell, can you slap without taking a bath?

What are the issues that men and women need to pay attention to during their daily sexual life?

Whether it is male or female, there are wrinkles outside the mucous membranes in the private parts, which can easily breed bacteria.

Between the foreskin and the glans of a man, white foreskin is often hidden, and many bacteria are stored. If not cleaned in time, balanitis and foreskin may be caused.

Women’s urethra, vagina, and anus are close to each other, and the bacteria are easy to contaminate each other.

In each intercourse, the semen from the man and the mucus secreted by the woman’s vagina will stick to the private parts, and the dirt on the vaginal opening or penis will be brought into the vagina, causing cilia.

Therefore, they will carefully clean the private parts of the men and women in the house to prevent rupture of the urinary tract and cause various infectious diseases.

Why can’t I take a shower before intercourse?

Experts say that the human body has an automatic regulation of blood flow, and organs will “mobilize” some blood to them when they are busy with work.

After bathing, temperature and friction make the blood flow to the skin and stay there. At this time, when the sex room “grabbs” the blood from the skin, the contradiction in deployment will occur. The sex organs will not get enough blood and will inevitably affect sexual life.the quality of.

Occasionally, once or twice is fine. If this is the case for a long period of time, the blood circulation in the body is always in an imbalanced state, which not only affects sexual function, but also makes the blood supply of the heart and brain relatively insufficient, prone to dizziness, palpitations, fatigue and even fainting.

“The body’s natural and unique body odor can stimulate people to have sexual desire and increase the degree of sexual excitement.

“Psychologists said.

According to records, Napoleon always sent someone to tell her in advance that she should not take a shower before she became enamored with Queen Josephine.

How to be both clean and hygienic?

Since bathing can reduce the quality of sex, can you ignore this habit?

Dermatologists say that the “lower part” of men and women is hidden in clothing and it is rare for sunlight to be the place where bacteria and viruses live and reproduce.

Common vaginitis, balanitis, and gonorrhea are related to unclean sex organs during sex.

Therefore, cleaning here is very necessary.