Choose the right color and wear a good mood

Choose the right color and wear a good mood

Are you pregnant? When you are in a good mood, doing things with less effort is always more effective. When you are in a bad mood, it seems that everything is against you. Unlucky things all happen within one day.Then your mood gets worse.

The reason is that the root cause of your imbalance is that you are wearing the wrong color.

Scientists have done such an interesting experiment, putting two equally green tomatoes together, one covered with a red cloth and the other covered with a white cloth. After a day, open the cloth and look at it with a red cloth.The tomatoes have become noticeably red and ripe, while those covered with white cloth have turned slightly red.

This experiment shows that colors are energetic, and that different colors imply different amounts of energy.

  As an animal species in nature, human beings are also a small magnetic field with energy. It is conceivable that if your energy magnetic field is added to the energy magnetic field of the color of the clothing you must wear every day, then your energy will increase.And if the color of the clothing you wear is exactly against your energy magnetic field, the result will be a tomato covered with white cloth-not only will your energy not increase, it will make your own energy play.

So your mood is good, luck is not smooth, and you can’t get rid of it with your daily clothes.

  So how do you determine your own energy magnetic field?

In fact, your color gene is a manifestation of your energy magnetic field.

For example, you are a person with soft hair color, fair skin or coral pink and freckles, and even the color of eyebrows and eyeballs is light hair color. It is suitable to wear light and bright warm clothes with yellow tones, such asSalmon color, apple green, goose yellow, coral red, etc.

Only by wearing clothes of this color can you become active and energetic in spring-type people; summer-type people who belong to the cold color system have hair that is not very dark and not as yellow as spring-type people, and the skin is pink.The colors that help the energy to play more effectively are blue, purple, and rose pink with blues; fall-type people who belong to the warm color family have hair colors, eyebrows, and skin colors that are much darker than spring-type people. GenerallyThe color is dark, which makes this type of people have desire and creativity. The colors are brown, orange, mustard green, brick red and gold. The winter type people, which belong to the cold color family with the summer type people, have either pale or darker skin colors.But with dark hair and clear black and white eyes, this type of people mostly have thick eyebrows.

The best lucky colors are bright and pure with blue tones such as sapphire blue, big red, bright red, pine green and pure black.

  Color is essentially a multivitamin essential for the human body every day. If you are partial to a certain vitamin, it will cause an imbalance in intake, which will affect your health long ago.

The principle of using clothes is similar to it. Putting beautiful colors on you can not only make you happy every day, but also make you look glorious and harmonious. Why not?How about it?