[Handmade meatballs Daquan]_How to do_How to do

[Handmade meatballs Daquan]_How to do_How to do

As a foodie, we don’t want to miss any food, and handmade meatballs have become one of the oldest, purest and longest-preserving foods.

In fact, handmade meatballs are very sophisticated. If done properly, then the handmade meatballs are delicious and very elastic.

Maybe someone wants to say that handmade meatballs are definitely not easy to make. In fact, it is not the case. Anyone can make delicious handmade meatballs with care.

“Fuzhou Fish Ball” is a famous snack in Fujian with folk flavor, which has been popular in Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other places.

It has the characteristics of whiteness, tenderness, elasticity, delicious meat filling, slightly sweet and smooth, and the floating soup, like the stars in the sky, is also known as “seven-star fish balls”.

Ingredients: 5 kilograms of conger eel and 1 cuttlefish.

5 kg of starch.

4 kilograms, 3 kilograms of water, 125 grams of young salt, 50 grams of flavor powder, moderate amount of meat.

Meat filling: 3 kg of lean pork, 150 grams of pork belly (peeled), chopped together and twisted into minced meat; 150 grams of old soy sauce, 450 grams of raw soy sauce, 50 grams of sugar, 25 grams of chicken essence, flavorMix 15 g of powder and 100 g of water to form a filling. Then knead the meat filling into a piece and place it in a plate, put it in the refrigerator (upper layer) and freeze for 2 hours to set it aside.

Method: ① Cut the bones of the eel and wash them, remove the fish meat with a knife, and then repeatedly use the meat grinder twice to form the minced fish; add salt to the salt water.

② Pour the minced fish into a large bowl. Stir until the gum starts, then add starch and flavor powder and stir; then divide into 2?
Add it three times in a row and stir to make a thick fish paste.

For small amounts, stir by hand first, then tart and stir the glue. While adding salt water, add starch and stir vigorously to form fish paste.

③ Squeeze the fish paste between your thumb and forefinger with your left hand, then squeeze the filling into the fish paste with your right hand, squeeze the thumb and index finger with your left hand to wrap the filling with fish balls, and then immerse the spoon in waterCatch the fish ball squeezed by the left hand and put it in the pot of water.

④ After the fish balls have been wrapped, put them in a clear water pot, cook over medium-low heat until all float, lift them up and put them in bamboo clams and let them cool for later use.

3 points for processing Fuzhou Fish Ball 1.

Fish should be fresh fish such as moray eel, grouper, sea bass, Tsing Yi, shark, cuttlefish (headless), belt fish, etc., because its meat is more delicate and strong.


Minced fish, is it enough to try tarts?

You can mash the fish puree into the water to dissolve it without sinking.


Starch, sweet potato flour is the first choice, followed by corn flour, potato flour, and soybean flour (raw flour).

Fish ball “fish ball”, also known as fish ball, commonly known as catfish ball; tender and crisp, refreshing and delicious, rich in local flavor.

Carassius auratus is produced in the Pearl River Delta. It is a fish that lives in rivers, lakes, and marshes. It is easy to culture anchovy, and fish ponds such as Yuen Long and Pingshan in the New Territories are produced.

The fish is fresh and sweet, and suitable for making fish balls, fish floss and other alternatives.

Most of the catfish supplied by the Hong Kong market come from fish ponds in Hong Kong’s New Territories, and most of the frozen ones come from the Pearl River Delta.

Ingredients: about 1.

3 kg, 10 grams of young salt, and flavor powder 7.

5 g, 1 egg white, 5 g pepper, 150 g water, 25 g raw meal, 25 g raw oil.

Method: ① Put the sturgeon on the cutting board, press the fish tail with your hand, and scrape the fish and green meat with a knife. Stop when you see the red fish (about 500 grams of fish and green meat); mix the raw powder, water and oil thoroughly.

② Gently wash the fish and green meat with water to remove the blood stains, dry it, then put it into a blender or chop into velvet with a knife, put it in a basin, add water, raw powder, flavor powder, and pepper.Stir the salt, then pour in the oil in a clockwise direction until it starts to gelatinize. Then mix the egg whites and put them in the refrigerator at 0 ℃.
Refrigerate at 1 ° C for 3 hours.

③ Apply a layer of oil to the steaming pan, align the tuna gelatin while squeezing it into a piece of fish balls as large as “soup balls”, steam them on the steaming pan, or dip them in water on a medium heatServe only cooked.

For example, add lettuce, dried prawns and peel peel, and add the sturgeon balls called faucet fish balls.

Attachment: Raw material for carp glue: 500 g of net carp glue, 6 g of young salt, 5 g of flavor powder, 15 g of raw flour, and pepper powder 1.

5 grams, 1/4 peel, 100 grams of water, 25 grams of raw oil, sesame oil.

Preparation method: Add carp glue to water, raw powder, flavor powder, pepper powder, tan velvet and mix well. When the tart is swollen, continue to add young salt, mix the tart with gelatin, and finally add raw oil, sesame oil and mix well.Follow the gestures and mix the tarts into gel.

When water, powder and oil are added, the fish gelatin that has been mixed with the tart will be slightly scattered. You should continue to mix it and tart it into gel.
The purpose of refueling is to promote the smoothness of fish balls.

Cuttleball “Crayfish Ball” was originally a Teochew snack. Its exquisite preparation and unique flavor can be said to be refreshing, smooth and crisp. It is a treasure in seafood and is very popular with gourmets.area.
Ingredients: net cuttlefish meat 1.

5 kilograms, 400 grams of horseshoe meat, 500 grams of fatty meat, 150 grams of raw meal, 22 young salt.

5g, 15g salt, 15g powder, 250g water.

Method: ① Cut the cuttlefish with a knife to remove the bones, remove the outer flower membrane, soak it in brine (500 g water and 5 g salt) and soak for about 30 minutes, remove the thick strips, wipe dry, and stirThe mincer stirs into velvet; the horseshoe and fat carcasses are finely chopped.

② Stir the cuttlefish velvet, add water, flavor powder, raw flour, stir in the same direction until the gelatin, continue to add young salt and stir, and finally add horseshoe meat particles, fat tartlet tarts and mix again.

③ Then squeeze into a pellet while squeezing, put it in a greased dish, steam it in a cage or cook in a clear water pot until it rises.

Tips for preparing cuttlefish balls 1.

It should be stirred in the same direction and made in one go. Align the cuttlefish gel with the strong tart until it is tacky. This is the secret of success. Keeping the water as small as possible and controlling the amount of water is crucial for the smoothness of the cuttleball.


Cuttlefish balls can be added without horseshoe meat; adding horseshoe meat is easy to cook (because of invisible space), and will increase the crispness of cuttlefish balls.


In order to save time, cuttlefish can be mashed into a meat blender before chopping.


The method of making fish ball is the same as cuttlefish ball.